The New Trip of My life


This is Faisal Ansari from India and now I think I got my words to write about my first blog and I think it’s quite challenging for beginners as I am facing. I was thinking for the last couple of months to write about us and about my website, about my intention to create this and lots of words and sentences are roaming around in my mind but not in a proper sequence but finally, I decided to write whatever in my mind.

I have decided to build a website after 11 years of experience in the private sector. But still, I always think that it’s enough for me? and I desperately need to do something according to the trend.

I just want to deliver the thoughts via my blogs which are popping every time whenever I hear about any past myth, the truth of the present and future planning for anything and I just want to create an alternate statement for everything which are running Or run by the worlds.

And here I also want to write about the technologies which are a matter for this generation as well as for the future generation and hope all my colleagues and friends will help me to prove myself to do the right things.

Here are the top topics which are trying to cover on my Website:-

  • Technology in (Mobiles, Vehicles, software)
  • Personal Views on different topics
  • Science
  • Religious Content with all the proving evidence.

Hope you all will get what you search for

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