Fake News: A New World Of Social Media

In 2004, over 6 Billion people didn’t know that the revolution has been started for the new world . A visual world that changed the actual world and their people over the time. Here i am going to speak about the Social Media platform where the real identity turn into a delusion identity. Where as almost every person live with that inner identity which want to live in real world. Where the truth are vanished completely and created a new world of Social Media Fake News.

Fake news on social media
Image Credit: Business Standard

What is Social Media?

Social media a technology that enable user for sharing images, videos, thoughts and many ideas thoughts, information though the building of virtual networks and communities. The user engage with social media via computer, Tab or smartphones web-based software or web application, often utilizing it for messaging.

Since 1997 to 2020, from sixDegree.com to Snapchat. Over the 23 year, 100 of social media apps and website are available on the internet. When we look on the top social media platform in 2020, we found only 10 apps which are ruling the internet like a king. These are the top 10 names with approx monthly active users:-

FACEBOOK- 2.23 Billion MAUs

facebook Fake News A New World Of Social Media

YOUTUBE- 1.9 Billions MAUs

Youtube Fake News A New World Of Social Media

WHATsAPP- 1.5 Billions MAUs

whatsapp Fake News A New World Of Social Media

Messenger- 1.3 Billions MAUs

messenger Fake News A New World Of Social Media

WeCHAT- 1.06 Billions MAUs ( blocked by Indian Government)

We Chat Fake News A New World Of Social Media

INSTAGRAM- 1 Billions MAUs

Instagram Fake News A New World Of Social Media

TWITTER- 3.35 Millions MAUs

twitter Fake News A New World Of Social Media

SNAPCHAT- 255 Millions MAUs

Snapchat Fake News A New World Of Social Media

PINTEREST- 250 Millions MAUs

Pinterest Fake News A New World Of Social Media

TELEGRAM- 200 Millions MAUs

Fake News A New World Of Social Media

After seeing above stats, one thing undoubtedly can be said that every 2nd person in the world are on social media. Report says that till 2019 more than 3.5 billion means 45% users are engaged in social media platform.

Fake news a new world of social media

In Feb 2004, respected Mark Zukerberg build a platform named FACEBOOK in order to connect Harvard University’s student for sharing notes, messages and thoughts of the student during the studies. The Idea behind the developed of the Facebook is genuine and the helping hand for the students and many mores. But the some time passing thru and we pick the last decade that is between 2010 -2020 that the ideas behind of the creation of Facebook and other app over the time are completely changed

We are not only talking about the Facebook WhatsApp and other apps. We just want to put the light on that how the way of using these apps are changed completely.

There are so many pages, groups, channel and individual users account are available into many social media accounts like Facebook ,WhatsApp and Youtube etc. Everyone on these platform only to increase social fame and their followers of the account. For achieving this, they are starting serving many different news and videos. And in between they are start make fake news in the name of post, status and entertainment

Reason For Making Fake News

The most interesting and strange part is that these fake news and videos are gaining more popularity in social media in comparison to the original one. The reason behind their popularity are us. YES! we are the only reason behind that we always showing more interest in these types of videos and fake news.

According to the ResearchGate Website, fake news as news articles that are intentionally misleading for the readers, as they are verifiable and deliberately false. As they can represent fabricated information in mimics traditional news content in form, but not in the the organizational process

The propaganda of the fake news are that they tries to influence the emotions and the opinions of target audiences. The purpose can be political, ideological or religious.

Some Recent Fake Cases Found in Social Media

Now let me show you all some examples of the fake news which gain popularity on the social media platform.

Case 1.

Fake image of Sri Sai baba
Fake Image

The above picture is claiming that this is the rarest and last picture of Sai Baba. But in reality, An artist named Sunil Shegaonkar made this painting. As per his Twitter account he made in a realistic style. He made 100 painting of Sri Sai Charitra in big canvas

original painting of Sai Baba
Original Painting

Case 2.

Fake news circulated regarding scholarship
Fake Images

A image of supposedly an ABP News bulletin circulate that Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath is being circulated on social media with the claim that “Due to budget constraint, students in Uttar Pradesh will not be provided scholarships this year “.

But in reality, according to the Live Hindustan, published on August 20, the state government had decided on a budget for scholarships for 2020. However, the finances commission’s approval is required for the money to reach the account of the budget department. The commission has not approved yet.

Case 3.

fake video shared of bangladesh claiming that from Westbengal
Fake Image

A video with the audio of Islamic revolution song claim that it is from West Bengal and the muslims wants to take over everything in our country. The 1 minute 42 seconds long video clip shows protesters marching with policemen around.

This led to the same protest video on YouTube dated September 13, 2017, and titled, “Islami Andolon Bangladesh enclose Myanmar Embassy”.

According to the description in the video, the Bangaladesh’s Islami Andolon party had marched towards the Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka “demanding an end to the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.”

Reference taken from The Logical Indian. The team logical Indian doing very tremendous work against fake news in social media..

Here are the few of billions of fake news are circulating in every seconds on social media. Its impossible for us to share all of this but one thing we put on light that be sure and re- check before sharing any image, videos and whatever you received from the social media. One of my uncle once said, ” Mobile me de rhe h to sahi hi hoga Jhut thodi na hoga” ( If giving on mobile that means its true).

Friend, everything on social media are not true, so be sure before act. And don’t help anyone for creating a new world of Social Media Fake News. Hope you agree with me if yes please share with you family and friends and thanks for the support.

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