Health Care Services In India : A Business Or Act Of Serving?

Health Care Services
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Health care services, a service that stand top of the list in all the services providing by the human or anyone in the world. In our daily life, there are so many services in our society.

“Service”, a type of economy that is untouchable or doesn’t result in control. And the important role of any country in the economy . Examples like providing education, consulting, transportation such as the postal service. Entertainment service, providing health related consult with a monthly and usage- based fee. Providing experience or help in any form to someone with service usage- fee or free of cost are the service.

We are living in a pandemic situation since the first corona virus come to the highlight in Wuhan city of China. Due to the pandemic, our lifestyle are completely rely on services which are provide through private or governmental. Specially health care services are the most important for us to live in current circumstances. The Doctors , Nurses and the Medical Staff are the key people of health care services.

Health Care Services And India

Over 1.38 billion population of India till October’2020. Providing them a health services is toughest work for any government. According to the website Statista, there were a nearly 69 thousand public and private sector hospitals in India in 2019. Further adding some more stats that as per the NHP 2019 that there are approx. 7.13 lacs government hospital beds available in India. Approx. 0.55 beds to 1000 population.

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The Lancet journal report 2016, India rank 145th among 195 countries in term of accessibility & quality of health service. This is far behind from the neighbor countries like China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. But here we are not comparing us to any country because they all are too behind from us in term of population excluding China. Managing 2nd most population in the world , are not the easy task for anyone.

The only one thing, we want to point of that why some people think that giving health care service is profitable business? and can do whatever they want in the name of service?

Health Care Services as profitable business

Now here we are sharing some cases where people treat this not more than a profitable business.


Doctor arrested for giving fake Covid-19 test reports

According the website NDTV, On 30th August’2020, Delhi police received a complaint that some people are misusing the pathology lab’s name for giving fake Covid-19 test reports. Dr. Kush Parashkar and his partner tested more than 75 peoples of Coronovirus at a rate of 2400 per person. They are collected samples for testing Coronavirus from the patients and never reached any Covid-19 testing lab and were destroyed. They used a established pathalogy lab logo.


Case filled against doctor for molestation and threat.

A Delhi based housewife, and a patient of brain tumour, filled a complaint against doctor for molestation. And now threatened in private hospital Delhi. As she mentioned that her family and friends are getting calls for unknown callers telling us to withdraw case of molestation. Otherwise it could be dangerous for you all, callers added

As per the Report published by Hindustan Times, On October 17, the victim developed high fever and then admitted to the emergency ward of Akash Hospital in Delhi. There she molested by the Doctor.


Man held for posing as AIIMS doctor

A report published in IndianExpress 2017, a man was arrested for allegedly impersonating an AIIMS doctor and making money from patients. He is referring them to other doctors in the hospital and keep checking the patients with a stethoscope. He claimed as a doctor working at AIIMS and bringing patients for treatment.

Health Care Services as Act of Serving


A 87-year Old doctor providing free treatment

Ramchandra Dandekar, 87-years old doctor from Maharashtra’ Mul in chandarpur district, providing doorstep treatment to people free of cost, for the past 60 years.

As per the report published in Indian Express, Ramchandra Dandekar, with his bicycle for company, has been travelling barefoot daily for at least 10 km to various remote villages. “My routine is the same as before. I want to continue to provide selfless service to the poor in villages” Dandekar Said

At a time when all the senior citizen are not allowed to going out of the house, this man set a example of humanity in the age of 87.


Providing Treatment free of cost to Poor & Homeless

Source: The Better India

Dr Manoj Kumar left his psychiatric practice in the UK a decade ago. He flew back to India. His aim was to address the mental health conditions of the rural population here.

As per the website, The Better India Dr. Manoj founded the Mental Health Action Trust (MHAT) in 2008 in Kozhikode to complete his vision. An organisation that works on a broadcast model to provide mental health care to the rural population.


Doctor has treated more than 2 million patients for free

Source: wikiBio

Dr. Ramana Rao treated more than 2 million patients for free. The doctor and his team have treated over two million patients completely free of charge since 1974. His clinic is located in T. Begur, a village of around 650,000 people in rural Bangalore.

He has been on a mission to help as many people as possible. Money was never his driving force. “It’s only a doctor who can get an opportunity to help people every day. The only prayer to God was to look at my hands and give me the power to heal” the doctor said.

Report published in Intelligent Living

New Step Towards safety

There are so many cases comes to the highlight in past as well as in current year. We know the Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staffs are life savior for us every time. No doubt that their dedication toward their duties are un- matchable. On the other side, some of doctors are trying to cheat their patients for making money and put the patient life on stake for just own profit.

Here we want to give some personal suggestion to the government that they should issue a unique number to all the Health care service staff like doctors and staffs. These unique ID will update and shown in online portal, so that people will see the name and ID of doctor according to their cities or state. Resulting they can know who is the doctor and who are treating them. This process will help government also to track the crime doing by the doctors.

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