Independence Day: An extra Day off Or A Day Of Pride

Independence Day
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Year 2020, a year of survival, a year of Viruses, a year of tragedies and now is completing 74th Independence Day. But did we actual feel proud of the day of Independence? Probably the answer is No. Every year we has started this day as an off day Or waking late in the morning. And do whatever we want but without realizing the actual meaning of the day for the country.

As we think about our childhood days we release that we woke early in the morning, heard Patriotic song from early morning, reaching to school before 8AM for flag hosting. Wear white dress and carry a flag in hand. Seen TRI color everywhere and that the genuine feeling of patriotism and pride.

As we know that we are not born in 15th August 1947. But history stands testimony to the fact that as the clock struck the midnight hour on 14th August 1947. Our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru spoke of India’s ‘Tryst with destiny’. The Indian tricolor was developed and it stood still like a silent watch witnessing the cheerful festivities marking the end of an era. The beginning of a beautiful journey of India’s self-discovery and independence.

Today’s 15th August 2020 is here and we clearly see what feeling left in our heart for the Martyrs soldiers. How much the whole country struggle to get freedom for the future generation. But for the millennial, the day of an extra sleep day, an extra late waking day.

What we do on the day of Independence Day

For the today’s generation freedom has indeed started to take on a different meaning for different people. For age between 6-12, a day where they going school early in the morning for the flag hosting. Back to home early with lots of sweets and rest of the days are for watching T.V, playing mobile games but no physical activity. Age between 13-18, a day where we excited to performing patriotic Dance play on stage and this is the age.

This is the age where we actual feel patriotic and pride to show their feeling to others.

The age between 19-28, a day where they have done nothing, waking late in the morning or a day to get over the previous night’s hangovers. One thing they do perfectly on this day that updating their social media with full of freedom quotes and videos. What a misfortune!

Again rewinding myself the day before of 15th August 1947, Nehru Ji said, “From tomorrow [15th August] we shall be delivered from the bondage of the British rule. But from midnight today, India will be partitioned too. While, therefore, tomorrow will be a day of rejoicing, it will be a day of sorrow as well. It will throw a heavy burden of responsibility upon us. It’s our sole responsibility to take charge to start the new world where there is no poverty, illiteracy, starvation and backwardness from the country.


Dear youth, I am only trying to tell you all that we are not doing our duty towards our country .The responsibilities is neither only for Mahatma Ghandhi nor for Jawaharlal Nehru, the responsibility is for all of us. Dear readers try to know your responsibility towards your nation. Make every possible way to achieve, to create even learn from your failure to put your nation forward.

Here are the few lines in Hindi that I want to share with you all on the occasion of Independence day.

  • भारत की फ़जाओं को सदा याद रहूँगा, आज़ाद था, आज़ाद हूँ, आज़ाद रहूँगा।
  • शहीदों के त्याग को हम बदनाम नही होने देंगे, भारत की इस आजादी की कभी शाम नही होने देंगे।

Independence Day
Image credit: gittyimages

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