A Lady From The Future K K SHAILAJA


If someone of name meaning is GOD, and then is it necessary for them to act like a god or think like a god? No Of course not. But today I want to introduce a lady that act like a God for many of us and meaning of her name is PARVATI (a wife of Lord Shiva). The Future lady K K SHAILAJA.

A Lady From The Future K.K. SHAILAJA
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She is popularly known as Shailaja teacher is the current minister of health and social welfare of Kerala state. As she is representing Kuthuparamba constituency. She is one of the two female ministers in the Pinarayi Vijayan cabinet.

Birth Place and Academic Qualification

She is born on 20th November 1956 in Kannur district Kerala. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from Pazhassi Raja N. S. S. College, Mattanur and Bachelor of Education from Visvesvarayya College in 1980

Career and Experience: K K SHAILAJA

After completing bachelor degree she was joined as a high school teacher at Shivapuram. Smt. Shailaja Teacher entered politics through Students Federation of India (SFI) activities and later become a member of CPI (M) Central Committee. She is the State Secretary of All India Democratic Women’s Association and Joint Secretary of its Central Committee. 

She has author of the two books- “Indian Varthamanavum Sthreesamoohavum” and “China- Rashtram, Rashtreeyam, Kazhchakal“. Was Chief Editor of “Sthree Sabdam” and after a seven-year service, she retired in 2004 for full-time political action.

A Commanding Behavior During The Corona Virus Pandemic

A Lady From The Future K.K. SHAILAJA
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One of her colleagues in the Health Department once said, “She is a tough taskmaster. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight or if she is having any illnesses, the minister is there to monitor every arrangement. In the case of Covid-19 prevention and control, the minister is leading from the front by convening assessment meetings daily “

Firstly her leadership was widely applauded during the NIPAH virus outbreaks. She is mastered to set up the team which enabled the fast diagnosis and further working of the deadly virus.

The Film “VIRUS” is based on the NIPAH virus outbreak in the state and in this film REVATHI portrayed the character of K.K Shailaja.

During this Covid-19 pandemic situation, K.K Shailaja create a program and gives a name Contact N Trace right from the first case were identified in January’2020 ( a group of 3 students comes from WUHAN university).

In the month of the March’2020, state government was issues a guideline to the entire district to identified the dedicate at least two hospitals for the Covid-19 patient, while each medical college set aside 500 beds. Separate entrances and exits were designated.

A future lady: K K SHAILAJA

As we know after outbreak of Corona virus, many hospitals had short supply for the diagnostic tests in that time, so the K.K Shailaja and her team start reserving for patients with symptoms. They started taking random sample of those people who are exposed groups like Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, Police and the medical volunteers. She instructed them to produce a result within 48hrs of every Covid-19 test during the Lockdown.

Till around Mid-March, she was also actively giving daily press briefings updating the state’s citizens on the status of the pandemic and the steps being taken to crush the spread.  

Despite the odds (Kerala has porous borders, a large number of migrant workers, and a huge expatriate population who keep traveling back and forth), more than 3 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, here are the number of cases till March and number of cases found till May

Number of Cases of found till March’2020 (Top 10 States)

S.noStateNo. Of cases till 31st Mar’2020
3Tamil Nadu124
4Uttar Pradesh103
8J & K55
9Andhra Pradesh44

Number of Cases of found till May’2020 (Top 10 States) after 2 month

S.noStateNo. Of cases till 31st Mar’2020
1Maharashtra                67,655
2Gujarat                16,794
3Rajasthan                  8,831
4Uttar Pradesh                  7,823
5Andhra Pradesh                  3,571
6Telangana                  2,507
7Tamil Nadu                  2,499
8J & K                  2,446
9Punjab                  2,263
10Kerala                  1,269

Above are the minors figures that clearly shows how her and team were worked right after from the first case were recognized in January’2020.

By the last week of May 2020, K.K Shailaja and her team contacted 4.3 million people, monitored their condition daily by setting up a control room

K.K Shailaja has received international attention for her leadership in tackling COVID-19 pandemic in Kerala. On 23rd June she was also invited by the United Nation to participate in a panel discussion on United Nations Public Service Day 2020 for her efforts to fight against Covid-19 in her Kerala state.

Many of the world top newspaper like British Daily newspaper THE Guardians mentioning her as “coronavirus slayer”. An America top fashion and entertainment magazine VOGUE featured her as a corona warrior ship. Beside this, BBC News also featured her as Asian women corona fighters which are adding some feather in her career and achievement.

A Lady From The Future K.K. SHAILAJA
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All her working style and dedication towards work with the determination Shailaja Teacher’s commitment to steering Kerala’s efforts has been unparalleled.

So we undoubtly said that this is a lady from the future K.K. SHAILAJA who know everything and know how to manage the situation during every difficult times.

We are hoping that she always stay healthy and safe.

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