Kerala Health Care services- God’s Own Country

Kerala Health Care services

Hey readers, can we see the future??  Yeah of course not. We see the future in people’s thinking, lifestyles, the way they live their life. How they are using technologies, medical services and many more. Now we discuss what is the actual reason behind the Kerala Health Care services

We are the typical Indians, always thinking the western culture are living in the future. On the others words they are using effective technologies than us. We are just reminding you that there is a place in India where the people are living at least 2 years move forward in terms of healthcare services from the other places in India. Yes place we are well-known called KERALA (the Gods own country) Na sorry I am not promoting Tourism.

Statistics of Kerala Health Care Service

One of the report published in India Today, NITI Ayog in India said, that Kerala has emerged as the best state in the country in terms of healthcare performance. Behind this performance there are 14 General Hospital and 36 Taluk Hospital. And as per the current study approx. more than 70,000 thousand doctors working in Kerala which are covered approx. 3.45Cr population of the state. If we just see the simple calculation that approx. 6500 patient/ doctor in Kerala, that’s really impressive figures.

So now the question is why the Kerala have more doctors in comparison to the other state?

And the answer behind this achievement is their Education System. In 2016, Kerala Achieved 100% primary education through its literacy program called Athulyam (Incredible).  Approx. more than 215 colleges of Art & Science in the Kerala including 9 medical colleges.

As per the report more than 550 Medical colleges in India and in which approx. more than 50% college are in South states (Karnataka Tamil Nadu, Kerala, A.P & Telangana). These stats reflecting that Healthcare service are too much better than other part of India.

According to the HDI (Human Develpment Index)

Kerala is the only state in the country where the females population exceeds the male population, but it not mean that where the females population are high then state grow fast, but in term of sanitation, health, education and poverty reduction these are playing the important role for any place.

According to the HDI as per Wikipedia (Human Development Index) Kerala is (0.790) is the highest in India. The calculation behind the HDI report is “the lifespan is higher”, “the education level is higher” and “the gross national income GNI (PPP) per capita is higher”

In all the facts, working style & Education system of Kerala reflects the maturity of living the future life. But is there any idea why we always looking at the neighbor instead of our family member for the improvement?

We all the statements and stats reflect that Kerala health care services is far better than other state of the India.

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