Lebanon Explosion

Lebanon is located in Western Asia.The country’s surface area is 10,452 square kilometres (4,036 sq mi) of which 10,230 square kilometres (3,950 sq mi) is land.But on Tuesday 4 august 2020 at 6 p.m local time country have to suffer disaster massive explosion.  Where on other hand whole world was moving with pandemic covid 19. In Explosion At least 78 people were killed and 4,000 wounded in a massive explosion .
It’s still unclear what exactly caused the explosion, which appears to have been centered on the city’s port area. It was earlier blamed on a fire that broke out.
Lebanon’s Prime Minister said that an estimated 2,750 tons of the explosive ammonium nitrate had been stored at a warehouse in Beirut for six years.
A CNN senior international correspondent said the blast felt like an earthquake, while one witness said she had never felt an explosion like it in the city. A massive explosion  flattening much of the city’s port, damaging buildings across the capital and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky.The blast struck with the force of a 3.5 magnitude earthquake, according to Germany’s geosciences center GFZ, and it was heard and felt as far away as Cyprus more than 200 kilometres (180 miles) across the Mediterranean .

Its very shameful for us that due to some irresponsible peoples, the city are sufferring and many families and citizen are effected from this.  “Those responsible will pay a price for this catastrophe,” said Prime Minister Hassan Diab. “This is a promise to the martyrs and wounded people. This is a national commitment.”

As we see in the last couple of years Beirut had been relatively peaceful before Tuesday’s Blast exhausted much to the city

Here are the some shocking images of the explosion

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