Life Matters More Than Anything: NEET, JEE Students

Dear reader ,today’s article is not about anything related to science, religion or things which are surrounds to us.

Today’s article is totally different from the league. As we know the situation, the phase of COVID-19, where every single person is suffering from starvation, poverty etc.

Yes money can’t buy everything, but poverty can sell anything.”

Situation of NEET, JEE Students:

Every Student has prepared them self for the future life and most of students who had prepared them self for NEET, JEE and other entrance exam in India. As we know Due to Covid-19, the debate is going all over the country. Did this exam should be cancel Or postponed for some time?. But no one is thinking about the student who are prepared them self for these exam from more than a year. And Because of this, they are surrounded them self with anxiety and depression resulting, they are committing suicide

Did you know after killing yourself you can achieve your goal? I don’t think so. Even you all have to think, That if this phase of COVID-19 wouldn’t enter in our life. You all should be doing same things, hanging yourself.

NEET JEE Students
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Exam hall for Neet students
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Life matters more than anything for NEET, JEE Students and we are glad that all the students are working hard to fulfill their dream, their aims ,their parents wish. But if someone fail , so don’t give up.

Everyone knows how hard is for our mother to keep us in her womb. She has to suffer like 40 bones are breaking simultaneously ever worst than this. And on other hand our father who is working so hard to fulfill all our desire. And we,only for single failure we are killing yourself.

Statistics Of Suicide By Students In India

According to 2015 data from the National Crime Records Bureau, 8934 (6.7% of all suicides) students are committing suicide every year. That’s one student every hour. Despite being one of the most advanced states in India, Maharashtra has the highest number of student suicides with 1230 of the 8934 suicides occurring here (14%) and Tamil Nadu has the second highest with 955 of the 8934 suicides . This is the only numbers for the data only and many of the left and known for us. Reference taken from

For the country, life matters more than anything for any students. So choose to live today as if all in our life is exactly, even the struggles. Learn from them,grow from all our failures. But never give up.

As there is least chances of postponing exam now,and even it postpone we should not loss the rhythm of studying.

We know month and days before the exam is very stressful.  Here are the 5C of success sutra :C +C+ CCC.

C= confidence

*This comes from your work.

C= Concentration

* both in preparation and performance in exam.

* This should be enhance by burning desire,daily self motivation and meditation or prayer.

CCC = crystal clarity of concept.

*This is attained by your attempts for perfection.”

The things one should know that NEET and JEE is not just a matter of IQ, hardworking, reading memorizing and retrieving. It needs a great strategy, perfect execution and smart work. One should know  how to keep mind motivated. Start everyday as a day of goal and set your target. Focus on your strengths it gives you the strength to overcome your weakness. And remember “failures are stepping stone to success only when worked upon it.”

Our Request to all our students, just penetrate in your mind that your success is yours and your failure is yours lesson.  Don’t give up. Prepare yourself for every situation.


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