Realme Wireless Buds Q Affordable

Here are features and reviews of the trending Realme Wireless Buds Q Affordable in 2020.

Realme Wireless Buds Q

Realme Wireless Buds Q launched on 25th June’2020 in India. The true wireless is designed by famous designer Jose Levy. Lets take a look on its features and price:-

Design:- As per the Realme, that their designer and the famous designer Jose Levy given more the 6 month to finalize its design.

Weight:- The weight of the Buds Q are just 3.6 gm each, and Buds Q is lightest true wireless buds in the Indian market. Its mean that the designer try to minimize the weight of bud Q less than a paper of A4 size.

Sound Quality:- Buds Q introduce 10 mm Large Bass Boost Driver that gives the great sound quality in any frequency. And I think this is the only wireless buds in the market of this segment which gives powerful and deep sound quality.

Battery:- As per the company, 40 mAH battery which gives 20 hrs total playback. The single earbuds continuous gives 3hrs calling Or 4.5 hrs music listening Or 5 hrs of gaming Or 6 hrs video watching if fully charged.

I am the user of the Realme Buds Q and i think battery is the key area of the device. Its gives huge battery backup. If case fully charged, then it will charge 4 times ear buds.

Connectivity:- Buds Q comes with the 5.0 Bluetooth.

Water Resistance:- Buds Q comes with IPX4 water resistance to prevent damaging during sweat and rainfall.

Realme Wireless Buds Q- More Features

Gaming Mode:- In the launching event, Realme introduce the R1 chip technology in the latest Realme buds which supports 5.0 Bluetooth. Additionally, the gaming mode effectively minimize the latency to 119mm which easily maintain a balance between audio and visual while playing games.

Realme Link App:- Company also introduce the Realme link app, that gives you to chance to customize the Buds Q

Price:- 1,499

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