Supreme Court On Sushant Singh Rajput Case:

On 19th August, Supreme Court given statement as CBI would handed the Sushant Singh Rajput Case. The FIR which was registered in Bihar is correct and all the evidence handover to CBI for furthers investigation and asked Maharashtra Police to co-operate with this inquiry

Supreme Court said that, the Sushant Singh Rajput was a talented actor and died before his full ability could be revealed and his family and well-wishers are waiting for the outcome of the probe. The outcome of the probe would be a measure of justice for Sushant’s father, who lost his only son. To stop variable assumption and impartial probe is the need of the hour.

When both states (Bihar, Maharashtra) make unfriendly allegations of political interference against each other, the justice of the probe comes under a cloud. An equitable probe will result in justice for the innocents who are targets of maliciousness campaign, SC said

When truth meets sunshine, justice will not prevail on the living alone but after Life’s fitful fever, now the departed will also sleep well. Satyameva Jayate

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